All things new.

When I opened up this morning, the words across the top of the page read “New Year, New You”.  In the mail last week, I received an offer from a credit card company for a free calendar.  On the top of the page for the month of January were the words: “All things new. […]

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The Foremost by Moving Works

An astonishing story of God’s love and grace, The Foremost intimately recounts the journey of Christopher LaPel, a Cambodian pastor who escaped the clutches of the Khmer Rouge regime only to return and cross paths with one of the most feared men in the country’s dark history. Chronicled in Time Magazineand news outlets across the globe, it’s an […]

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Lately I’ve been thinking about the millions of believers, especially in America , who have been brought up in what I would consider “nominal” Christian churches.  Churches that have either abandoned sound doctrine in favor of more palatable liberalism, or those that use the Bible as a moral “storybook” instead of propositional truth. How do […]

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Doctrine is essential.

I recently heard a woman say about a church she attends, “They don’t care about religion.  They don’t care about doctrine.  They just love Jesus, and want other people to love Jesus.”     Before I go any further, I want to affirm the last part of her statement.  Yes, loving Jesus and seeing others […]

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The Purpose

The purpose of this blog is simple: to exalt Christ, and to help others worship him. But to worship him, we must know him. In order for us to worship King Jesus properly, we must have a sense of who he is.  We must come to grips with the great truths about him, and with […]

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