The Purpose

The purpose of this blog is simple: to exalt Christ, and to help others worship him.

But to worship him, we must know him.

In order for us to worship King Jesus properly, we must have a sense of who he is.  We must come to grips with the great truths about him, and with the fact that he is truth in the flesh.  That he is God in the flesh.  That God the Father made all things through him, and that through him all things were made.  That Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life in the flesh to fulfill the mosaic law, was crucified on a Roman cross, taking the sin of humanity upon him, and bearing the wrath of God against that rebellion, and was buried in a tomb.  Jesus then was resurrected and put to death the effects of sin, and now lives forever at the right hand of the Father.

For us to know him, we must have clear truth. The world we live in today has no sense of the truth. Our thoughts are mired in our own mortality, and we are tossed like a ship in a storm by every philosophical notion, every appeal to rationalism, every devastating life event. Sometimes by not even that much.

But I know that God keeps his promises.  I know that he has not abandoned us to our own devices.  I know that the Author has stepped into the story and revealed to us all that is good, needful, and eternal. He has given our storm-tossed vessels an anchor. And so, with this blog I seek clarity.  Clarity of purpose as we endeavor to know God and his story, and to give the everyday, ordinary person a sense of their part in the larger narrative.  To show that the God of the universe has made himself known to all those he has created, and has sworn to keep those promises, and has fulfilled those promises.  His promises are fulfilled in Christ, and the infinite truths spoken by God are available to us.

You can know God and his truth, and you can stake your life on it.  The hope of all humanity hangs on this steadfast anchor.



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